Defense Attorney

Our business is defending you when
you have been charged with a crime.

The defense attorney you chose can make a world of difference
in the outcome of your case.

Being arrested does not mean you are a criminal
or doomed to be found guilty of the charges!

No attorney can promise what the outcome of a criminal case will be,
and if one does, he or she is telling a lie.
Every criminal case has elements, aspects and situations that are unique to that
case and absolute predictions of an outcome are impossible.
The integrity and efforts of your criminal defense attorney, and his skills and
understanding of the law, will determine the outcome to your case. My
credentials speak for themselves and are second to none.

I will devote every effort and take any amount of
time your criminal case requires.

This will always be the truth regardless of the fee or
my personal feelings concerning your case.
In sum, I am a highly experienced criminal attorney and will do everything within
my powers to be sure your case is resolved with the best outcome possible
under the law.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony
& no matter what anyone tells you,

Whether it is myself and my staff or another law firm,
hire competent counsel to protect your future.