I will make every effort possible to bring about the best outcome to every case
regardless of the fee paid or type of case.  I make no judgments, no promises of
outcome or place a higher value on one case over another. Regardless of the effort
required or time that must be expended, I will tirelessly work to achieve the best
possible result in each and every case I accept.  It is my firm belief this Is all any
ethical attorney can promise any client.  This is all any attorney can honestly offer his
or her client.  When an attorney promises you complete success, in almost any case,
run, don't walk out of the office.  The law and legal situations are too complex and
complicated to promise anything until agreements are reached.  I will always give you
an accurate and realistic appraisal of your case from it's inception until the disposition.

While the past does not predict the future, I have never lost a jury trial in state or
federal court.   This includes over a dozen  trials in New York City State Courts, federal
courts in Manhattan and Brooklyn and two trials here in Tennessee.  Obviously a loss
will come if I keep trying cases but I believe my record does indicate I am an excellent
trial attorney and hate losing.

I quite simply ask you to please consider my law firm as your choice
to handle your legal affairs.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony
you run the risk of jail time

A misdemeanor may be a less serious crime, but can still land you behind bars for
up to a year, cost with a fine and court costs and possibly result in the loss of your job. Even if your charge is reduced or suspended, you may face a period of
probation which will be costly and time consuming.

A felony charge is punishable by more then one year and if convicted may include
the loss of many citizenship rights, sizable fines and, of course,
lengthy terms of incarceration.

Don't waste a minute & Don't Go It Alone!

If you have been charged with a crime or think you may be a suspect in a criminal investigation it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney to protect your
rights as soon as possible.

The longer you wait the more you may be compromising your position with the court
and your attorney's ability to defend your rights and secure a favorable dispositio

You don't need to settle for a guilty plea!

I will go to trial for you and work tirelessly for a not guilty verdict if this is your desire. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony
or have been identified as a person of interest you need a lawyer.

I personally handle ALL matters from start to finish, I return your call the same day I receive it, and I will keep you informed of your case from start to finish.

You always speak to me (not an assistant) and all of our communications are
private and held in strictest confidence.

I will seek to have your case dismissed or withdrawn, and if that is not possible
I will attempt to have your charges reduced.

I will provide aggressive and competent
representation for you.

If a guilty plea is necessary I will attempt to get you alternatives to jail such
as community service, drug rehabilitation and counseling or house arrest. 

I have personal contacts with all drug, alcohol and mental health programs available
in the Tri-Cities area if you have any difficulties in these areas.

You need an attorney!!
No matter what your legal problem,
you need an attorney, and we can help you.
If we don't have experience in the area of the law your
situation requires we can refer you to someone who does.
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