Areas of Practice:

Initial incorporation and structure of an entity

Daily problems incurred during business activities.

Outside attacks or internal difficulties.

Litigations sounding in tort or contact law.

Any size Capitalization or structure

nationally or internationally

I have handled the affairs of hundreds of corporations and incorporated many more both nationally and internationally. I have dealt with the IRS, SEC, FTC, etc. on the behalf of large and small companies. Very few problems any company may encounter I have not had experience in handling legally. This includes commencing and defending lawsuits filed on behalf of the corporation, shareholders and any entity interfering with the successful flow of business activity.  Whether your company needs protecting or you wish to sue a company you feel has wronged you for whatever reason, I will represent your interests to the highest degree of competence.  Feel free to arrange an appointment to discuss your case without cost no matter how complex or extensive.  Regardless of whether you hire my firm, be sure and engage an experienced corporate firm as even the simplest corporate legal situations need competent legal advice. 

You need an attorney!

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