Whether you have had a car accident, accident at work or home,
a doctor or hospital caused injury of any type or someone intentionally causes damage to your property or person,
we can see that you receive the just compensation
you deserve and possibly punitive monetary awards
I have handled over two hundred civil cases where my client was seeking
monetary damages or wishing to defend against someone or a company suing that
individual for damages.  I have won six figure awards and many five figure awards
by negotiation or trial verdicts.  I have also won many cases where my client was
being unjustly sued for damages by the plaintiff.

Whether you are being sued or considering suing someone please call to arrange
a free interview to discuss your case.  No case is too large or too small.  The only
issue is if you can prevail or what defenses are available to bring a successful
conclusion to your case.  I will give you an honest, frank opinion as to the merits
of your case and the issues involved whether a plaintiff or defendant.  In most
cases if we are suing someone there will be no costs to you initially and my fee
will be a percentage of our final award.

You need an attorney!!
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