We handle all aspects of immigration law.  Whether you are facing removal, seeking any type of visa, wishing to bring a loved one here, desiring citizenship or facing criminal charges which would affect residency status, we can help.
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Whether the right wing or anybody else likes it or not there will be a new comprehensive immigration law in our country in the next couple of years.  We also expect the Executive Order the Obama administration passed concerning the children and parents of children born in the United States to reinstated when the higher courts rule on it's validity.  Thus, anyone who is not an American citizen presently has some type of issue concerning immigration laws.  

In this environment of anti-immigration you need an expert immigration attorney to
protect your rights and ability to live and work in the United States.

An experienced immigration attorney can find the way to stop a removal, obtain
a permanent residency visa, obtain an extension of a present visa, and accomplish
what you cannot do on your own.

It is simply too risky to attempt to deal with Homeland Security
or any immigration entity without an experienced immigration attorney.

I can assure you I have handled every aspect of the present immigration law in the
New York City area, Los Angeles area and here in Tennessee.  I have already begun to
learn what appears to be some of the changes that will be made in the new immigration
laws  being negotiated presently in Congress.

It appears that in the near future a new comprehensive immigration
law will become the law of the land.

For sure there will be a provision for aliens here illegally to be able to earn their “green card,” or
legal permanent residency.  The process will take a highly skilled immigration attorney like myself to do everything properly to become legal.  This is a tremendous opportunity for anyone here illegally, or legally if they are on a visa permitting their stay until that time, to live and work here forever.  Almost certainly there will also be a clamping down on employers that permit workers to work without being legal.  This practice, as it does here in Tennessee, will disappear as employers will be forced to only hire legals.  This is all the more reason why anyone here with immigration isues should engage my firm to be certain they are capable of becoming legal.

I happen to be the only attorney in the Tri-Cities, six county area, who has had extensive immigration experience.  I handled thousands of cases in New York City for Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, Africans, South Americans, etc. for removal defenses, visa applications, citizenship applications, asylum applications and all other matters.

I also must warn any alien, legal or illegal, of the possible problems if you are charged with a crime.  Any crime may make you removable, lead to a loss of your legal residency or even a loss or your citizenship.

Even if you are a naturalized citizen, you do not have the absolute
rights of a citizen born here in the USA. 

If you are charged with any crime --- DWi, shoplifting, reckless driving, domestic violence, any drug charge, et, --- immediately hire an attorney that understands the possible consequences of a guilty plea or finding by a jury.

I have handled hundreds of cases where the immigrant was charged with a crime and in many cases was able to keep them in the USA.

You need an attorney!!
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