Our business is taking care of your future and defending
you when you have been charged with any crime.

We feel we are the best criminal defense firm you can get in federal
and state court in any matter concerning defending your liberty.
Being arrested does not mean you are a criminal
or doomed to be found or plead guilty
no matter what the charge

The criminal defense attorney you select can make all the difference in
the outcome of criminal charges in many cases. While there are many competent criminal defense lawyers in the Tri-Cities area I feel our firm has credentials that distinguishes us from all other criminal defense firms.  Please read and listen to the other links, read my credentials and determine for yourself if the claim I make is not correct.

Yes, there are many highly competent criminal defense attorneys here in Eastern Tennessee and if you feel more comfortable with those criminal defense lawyers please engage their services.  However, be sure to hire a highly skilled, experienced criminal defense lawyer rather than “attorney shop” until you obtain the lowest possible price.  This is beyond stupid as you will get exactly what you are paying for as in almost anything else: a cheap second rate product.  This may not be bad when buying a toothpick or lawn mower but when your life is at stake it is absolutely moronic.  The fees I charge are not the lowest but are far from the highest.  In fact, I feel my fees are a bargain considering my skill level and the untiring effort I put into every case.  I simply ask a reasonable fee but will be sure and give an outstanding effort.

I have personally handled over ten thousand criminal defense cases from first degree murders to minor misdemeanors in a career spanning over thirty-four years in New York City, Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California, Dayton, Ohio, internationally in the Orient, Europe, South America and here in Tennessee.  I am highly experienced in many areas of the law and I believe the many environments in which I have practiced give me a unique ability to grasp different and unusual cases quickly enabling a proper analysis which leads to the best outcome possible.

No attorney can promise what the outcome of a criminal case will be,
and if one does, he or she is, quite simply, telling a lie.  Every criminal case has elements, aspects and situations that are unique to that case. 
Absolute predictions as to an outcome are impossible.  The only thing that can always be relied upon is the integrity and efforts of your criminal defense attorney that possesses the skills necessary to bring the best possible outcome to your case. My credentials speak for themselves and are second to none. More importantly, in a pledge I make a
number of times in this website:
I will devote every effort necessary and take any amount of time
your criminal case requires. 

This will always be the truth regardless of the fee or
my personal feelings concerning your case.

As mentioned on the home page, during my legal careers in New York City and here in Tennessee I have never lost a jury trial.  This includes over a dozen trials in New York State courts, several in Manhattan and Brooklyn federal courts and two here in Tennessee.  I have also tried and won many civil trials in corporate and personal injury matters.  While the past does not predict the future, I believe my record does indicate I am a highly talented criminal defense trial attorney.  I have always been a super competitive person and hate losing at anything which I think is an innate quality of any good trial attorney.

In sum, I am highly experienced in almost every type of criminal case there is and
will do everything within my powers to be sure your case is resolved
with an outcome that will make you extremely happy.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony
no matter what anyone tells you,

Whether it is me and my staff or another law firm,
hire competent counsel...

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